Piping in North Shields after c.1900

In modern times North Shields has been home to at least three local pipe-makers.

DAVID BURLEIGH was based in his well-known workshop in Longframlington but has his roots in North Shields. He has now retired, but was a prolific maker whose output of over 3000 sets helped many beginners take their first steps in playing pipes. He was taught pipe-making by Jack Armstrong.

COLIN ROSS was brought up in the heart of North Shields. A maker of fine pipes, he also achieved renown as a member of The High Level Ranters and was instrumental in re-popularising early traditional tunes of the area. He developed his designs of pipes from the classic designs of Robert Reid, and has taught other modern makers, both professional and amateur.

ALAN BAILEY, an amateur maker taught by Colin Ross, still lives and works in North Shields.