January 2017 updates

Correction to the page about James Reid: it is now understood that the houses in Linskill Street to which James and Ann Reid moved in c.1851-2 may have had a water supply but did not have sewerage.

Added to the Source & References page: the recently published, detailed North Shields history “Shiels to Shields, The Life Story of a North Tyneside Town” by Danny Lawrence, published by Carnegie Publishing Ltd, Lancaster, 2016, ISBN 978-1-85936-228-0

A new page has been added about North Shields itself, setting a context for the content of this website.

A new page has been added, holding miscellaneous oddments and curious items.

December 2016 Updates

An additional comment on the James Reid page, linking his letter to Mr Kell of November 10th 1857 to his performance at Alnwick Castle on November 19th 1857.